Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hot and Hungry - not your average food post



---------------- ^^^^ &&&& |||||||||||| ------------------ tra la la la la

----------------- gooooobbeer goobbeer

Still with me? Sorry, just playing with you!

The other day it was really hot outside, and I was very hungry, inside. Doesn't make sense? Well then, keep reading honey bunches (of oats). After watching Non Stop Foodies on NY Non Stop channel (sorry folks, I don't believe and don't have cable. In this day and age, I would be a fool to curl up in front of nonsense TV) my appetite was going bonkers, and I needed a quick fix which was light, fresh and ofcourse, yummy to calm it down. Yes, it had to be super duper yummy because my palate would sue me otherwise! But here's the killer part: I was running low on groceries and just had the basics: few loaves of bread, butter, some berries and banana. I wanted to make something yummy (did I mention that already??mmm mm??), and wasn't in the mood to whip up the usual safe know toasted bread with butter.

As I was rummaging through the fridge (again) in the hopes of finding some leftover hidden in the corner nook of the bottom shelf, my eyes fell on a small tub of plain yogurt. Aha! my mind jumped at the possibilities and I screamed as if I was stranded on an island and had found a coconut! Good thing, my son was sleeping otherwise it would have been hard for me to concoct something..what with the grrrrowl of my empty stomach competing with the aiiiiiiiiiii of my son's cries. You get the smell dirft.

Holding the tub of yogurt in one hand, I scratched my cheek with another. Yup, when I am thinking, I scratch my cheek. The one on my face.

Within seconds I knew what I could make, and here's what I created:

Cereal and Berry Faux Parfait

Why Faux? Because its not the really real thing (lame), more like the cousin of father's aunt's daughter's brother in law!

To make one medium bowl of faux parfait, you will need: 
Any plain yogurt, around 3.5 tbsp
A handful of cheerios
A handful of raisin bran (if you have otherwise oatmeal would do to)
A handful of any berries (blueberry or blackberry or raspberry or strawberry)
A handful of sunshine

Step 1: Put the yogurt in the bowl and then put the cheerios, raisin bran and berries on it and mix.
Stept 2: Put the faux parfait in your mouth and enjoy the sweet crunchy and a bit tangy (from the berries) treat!

Pat on the back Shivika (toot toot -- that's me tooting my awesome horn)! 

Hunger was conquered. But, it still remained very hot outside.

Do you have any faux recipes you would like to share with me? Aah, it will be like our very own secret club of faux-ness! :)


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sample Sale Tuesday: Feet Grass

I wanted to be clever with the title today, so I dropped the "shoes" from my vocabulary and tried to be creative with the description.  Although I was inching more towards Feet Weed. I tell ya, the hurricane has literally shaken my brain and released the creative juices!
Enough of my pjs - don't want to drown you lovely people into my crass silly jokes and puns.
This week, I am restarting the sample sale routine with Shoes, because, hello, we came full circle with the home stuff. And, since I am a shoe horse, I am more than happy that the circle has rounded itself. Arrgh! What's wrong with me today...enough of these pjs! Note to Brain: Meet me outside and I will show you who's the boss.

Anywho, let's take a lookie and actie fast because, well, they are a sample sale, and things go fast! Especially when they are associated with feet. Arrrrrr! Note # 2 to Brain: Whack!


Vince Camuto wedge ankle boot, Sale $65            Vince Camuto Venita sandal, Sale $69
{mother of all hybridization: wedge+oxford+bootie}              {perfect to wear with socks in fall}

Casadei chain ankle boot, Sale $349                         Casadei flat over-the knee, Sale $649
                                                  {now these are what I call true feet weed}

Hussein Chalayan two toned bootie, Sale $399         House of Harlow 1960 Dyson bootie, Sale $149
                                                                                     {loving the deepness of color}


Pedro Garcia Agatha Black Quilted High Boots Pedro Garcia Barbara Brown & Black Leopard Print Mary Janes
Pedro Garcia Agatha quilted boots, Sale $210              Pedro Garcia leopard mary jane, Sale $150
                                                                                     {Mary Janes to me are a pefect fall shoe style...}


French Sole Charleston flat, Sale $90                        French Sole Vibrato leather flat, Sale $40

Aquatalia by Marvin K Cosmo suede boot, Sale $350        Aquatalia by Marvin K Cowie boot, Sale $230
{I had something similar from Aldo and wore the pair to pieces}


Arturo Chiang Olissa, Sale $49                Arturo Chiang Acacia, Sale $64

Etienne Aigner Navy Utah, Sale $39                  Etienne Aigner Teakwood Xanto, Sale $39

OTBT Havanna Hamilton, Sale $69          OTBT Caffee Farmington, Sale $64

Thaaaaat's all ya folks!  I need to get me some of that weed grass on my feet. Ciao!

And, when you buy one, do let me know which one s(t)ole your feet heart!  Note # 3 to Brain: Boom! Whack! Whack!


Monday, August 29, 2011

Home Yin and Hair Yang

Yin and Yang series                                                                                                      The self imposed cage {made of hair} 


Sunday, August 28, 2011

OMG WTF....With Love

I am working on a new series that will explore a juxtaposition of fashion and home design trends in one single frame. And I would like to call it  OMG WTF...With Love. It's in an experimental stage right now, so you will see a few iterations of it before I can nail it to what I want it to be. But hoping that you enjoy this series that celebrates the fun in fashion. Wait, there is a fun in fashion, isn't there?

OMG WTF series

ps. we survived the hurricane beautifully. Thank God and Thank you NY/NJ's brightest!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Holy Burrito...really?

Hermes is having a sample sale! Yes, the burrito is holy again. See for yourself, and head over to 

Case in point:

Hermes Kelly watch, Original $9,900...Sale $3,960



It is a sweet sight

So, we are sitting, waiting for Hurricane Irene. Not that we want it to be here, but it will and there's nothing we can do to divert it. So, we are sitting and waiting.
As my husband and I are watching TV news for updates, my son is sitting next to us on the floor and watching the colorful topographic visuals on TV, mesmerized and focused, as if he understands what those twirls in green, yellow and red mean.  Its such a sweet sight...watching him crane his neck, and twist it from left to right, trying to comprehend the complexities of this crazy world.

It sure is a sweet sight.


Weekend Warrior

Its white. Its pouffy. Its edgy. Its perfect for one to become a....Weekend Warrior!


{images courtesy MorganNorman}

Friday, August 26, 2011

Touching my Fashion Roots

I am very picky about my Indian dresses. Yes, I love the colors, the extensive embroidery, glitter and the thick ornate vibe that is exudes, I however, cannot just wear anything. Recently, there was a fashion week held in India, and I followed the designers there very closely. Although I have my all time favorites, there has been a new batch that has been slowly knocking on my heart, and slyly caressing at my wallet :)
First, my all time favorite fashion designers from India:

  • Ritu Kumar
  • JJ Vallya
  • Wendell Rodricks
  • Rina Dhaka
  • Meera and Muzaffar Ali
  • Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla
  • Ashish Soni
  • Sabyasachi (relatively new-er)
  • Rohit Bal
Newcomers that I am loving:
  • Kallol Datta
  • Masaba
  • Drashta
  • Preeti S Kapoor
  • Pero by Aneeth Arora
Now, it wouldn't be fair if I did not share with you their works. But, because the post will be endless if I share them all, I will break this into two. The first series will focus on my picks from the latest designers...three looks of each designer that I am really really digging. The second series will celebrate my love for my all time favorite designers. How's that?

Kallol Datta


loving the print...





Preeti S Kapoor 
{I like her traditional clothes. Very opulent, elegant and lust-worthy! Notice the many of them! Sorry, sharing more than three looks, because, well, I just had to!}

As they say, when in doubt, go for color, and if still in doubt, go for embroidery! So true my friends, so true.

Pero by Aneeth Arora




Thursday, August 25, 2011

Zen from a tube of black head removing face wash

As I was taking a shower and rubbing.....hold it!! No, its not R-rated description nor is it a Hitchcockian type of scene setting. Trust me, I am original :)  And by the end of it all you will be enlightened as I was.
So as I was saying... I was rubbing soap on my face, my eyes were shut and my mind was racing with multiple thoughts of varying nature. While I scrubbed my left cheek: What should I cook for dinner today? Did the market really jump 200 points? What was that girl in the grocery store wearing...shouldn't it be banned? While I scrubbed my chin: I really would like to attend U2 concert. Arrgh, this silly soap is getting into my eyes. Shouldn't they make tear free cleansers for adult? Oooh, I need to get me that Kiehl's papaya scrub.  While I scrubbed my forehead: I need to get a pedicure. I wonder why no one is reading my blog...what am I not doing right? Was that a shadow I just saw through the shower curtain? OMG!!

And, then as the water pouring from the shower cleaned the soap and rewarded my face with the my scrubbing benefits, my eyes just sorta' kinda' ended up on the tube of the face wash I was using, and these 3 words jumped at me like a goon pouncing on its innocent victim. CLARIFY and CLEANSE DAILY. I will repeat. CLARIFY and CLEANSE DAILY {ofcourse I am omitting the scrub part that's associated to daily, but that's not important}.

Like a gusto of wind hitting me hard, I realized the importance of these words, and it is so so true. We need to clarify our minds and clean our feelings daily. Doesn't matter what someone said to us or what we said to them or for that matter that the girl at the grocery store wore such a sexy outfit that it made you jealous and doubt yourself. We all need to clarify and cleanse.

Who knew my zen inspiration would come from a tube of black head removing face wash!

Told ya' I am original! Gah!


ps. to my lovelies in the east coast, hope you are all well prepared for Hurricane Irene. She's a b@@#% I am telling ya!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sample Sale Tuesday: Home Sweet Home...Stuff!

When I was a little girl, I shared a room with my sister. Our house wasn't that big, and we rented it. My grandfather also lived with us, and he slept in the living room. He had a futon in there. Although my mom kept the house pristine and super clean, I always had ideas of how I could make it better. But, my voice had no importance (at that age) and was limited to my own lil' cubby room. So, my sister and I took turns doing our version of "decoration" by placing flowers we plucked from the park on the way back from school on our headboard, or  hiding the toys under our mom's colorful scarves. We dreamt of having our own home, and oh, yeah, we had ideas, people!

Then when I got married and finally had a place of my own, I was over the moon but also nervous. Will I do a good job? Will my husband appreciate my penchant for placing little knick-knacks I have collected on the window sill? Heck, where do I even begin? The odd love affair I had with paint, furniture and show pieces continued, and continues to govern my life to some extent. I just love love love finding the perfect souvenir when I travel to a new country or a new state/town, and can't help but squeal with excitement (much to the embarrassment of my lovely husband) when  I add it to my collection. Also, when I travel, I shop for paintings and artifacts, not clothes (coz I am a NYorker and pride myself in finding great designer deals here). Case in point: when I went to Europe a couple of years back, I got me some (like 10) paintings...much to the embarrassment of my lovely husband.

Which brings me to this week's installment of Sample Sale. A lil' something something for our lovely abode. Since we breathe and live in it, it just has to be beautified. Don't you agree? So, let's enjoy the finds.


Payne Street Tortoise Shell Vase, Sale $245     Payne Street Black Torch Lamp, Sale $199
{looks way more expensive}

Blue Ocean Trader set of 8 ceramic jars, Sale $92   Jamie Young small bamboo mirror, Sale $200
{very whimsical and perfect to stash away "stuff" - can be placed in different places throughout the house}

Casafina Meridian soup tureen, Sale $98               Casafina Medeira serving platter, Sale $36
{its fun to mix and match table ware}


Orrefors Crystal Eye Black Crystal Tone Vase Orrefors Clear Beyond Dish Square
Orrefors black crystal tone vase, Sale $381   Orrefors square dish, Sale $287

Orrefors Intermezzo Black Brandy Snifters Set/2 Orrefors Bracelet Clear Crystal Low Bowl
Orrefors Intermezzo brandy sniffers (2), Sale $70      Orrefors Bracelet crystal bowl, Sale $70
{each item is so exquisite...very elegant}


Bellino Millerigeh sheet set, Sale $180                 Surya set of 2 pillows, Sale $30

Blueprint Artwork "Blue Butterfly", Sale $30           Blueprint Artwork "The Recitation", Sale $120

Waterford "Lismore" Chandelier, Sale $2,800    Waterford "Kilbarry" 22 pc set, Sale $350
{hang this divine chandelier in your foyer and watch the magic unfold}


Linon Eiffer Tower cabinet, Sale $165   Linon Antique flag coffee table, Sale $125

Linon Zanzibar set of 3 trunks, sale $245              Cole & Mason tap gift set, Sale $17
{these trunks are awesome accent pieces}

Thaaaaat's all ya folks!  Home is sweet, and you can make it even sweeter by adding a splash of color or accent or lighting here and there!

And as always, act quick, its a Sample Sale for heaven's sake!