Thursday, July 7, 2011

Whats up with Packaging?

I am a sucker for packaging. I mean I instantly fall in love with products whose packaging is unique, cute and wow - it doesn't matter if the product is that wow-worthy or not. But, in 8/10 cases I have found that generally if the way a product's package has been designed is elegant, then most likely the product itself is going to be awesome too- and a sure hit amongst the buyers (think Dyna Decker Candles, Urban Decay cosmetics). But, then there are always the exceptions. Anyhow, so while perusing the internet for some cool packaging. concepts, I came across one for a honey company. From the name of the product to the fonts to the shape of the jar to the the box - everything is swoon worthy. Oh, you have to check em' out below!!

It's one of those things that you cannot wait to buy. And once you buy it, you don't want to use it or it will get spoilt. Right? Right? And, how adorable is the name- Babees!!!


{Images courtesy: Behance}

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