Tuesday, July 26, 2011

What lies in your drawer....shouldn't just stay there

There is a scarf, you know the one that lies folded in your drawer of delicate things. The one that never sees the light of the day, but you bought it because you had envisioned to wear it in oh so magical and va-va glamorous ways. But, boopity boo, that never happened.
And then there is the scarf! The one that talks to you. The one that you talk to. It's cheery, colorful and can be molded in various snippets of your life. Ladies and uber fab ladies, I present to you The Scarf, the one that is free from dark claustrophobic confines of a storage box; the one that shines like a precious hidden nugget.
Say hello to The Scarf and its many avatars:

Darlings, as the saying goes: scarf it your way or          . Ooopsie! I can't find anything to go with this. Can you? And oh, do you have any more suggestions to wear a scarf? Share Share or               . Oopsie!


{Images courtesy Gilt.com}

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