Thursday, July 14, 2011

Simply Giorgio!

Giorgio Armani (GA) is an iconic brand. There is no denying that. They have a lust-worthy collection under their Prive label, and I dream of days when I can get my hands on their shiny mermaid gowns, architecturally perfect dresses, and luxurious prints et al. What I can get my hands on though, is their make-up collection. Again, the same principle is applied in makeup - everything is as beautiful and luxurious as the clothes. So, when I saw the new ad campaign for the GA cosmetics line, my jaw literally hit the floor. Umm, so actually the way it happened was that when I looked at their campaign, my mouth opened wide to say wow, which  caused my jaw to hit my hand , and then my hand it the desk it was resting on, which made me loose by balance and then my rear hit the floor as I toppled off my chair. So you see, my jaw literally hit the floor.
Ok, back to the campaign. The model is Megan Fox and the entire shoot is just pure magic. Its like looking at perfection and realizing that hey, perfection is just a blush, mascara, lipstick, and a foundation away! Here, I present to thee, my darlings, perfection GA's new summer make-up collection:

Love the rouge pink here, and dramatic eyes. Beautifully balanced look.

I could kill for this smoky-eye look. Because every time I do smoky-eye, I look like I could really kill. Ha!

Coral Lips....what's summer without Coral Lips!

Its a gun, its a sillies its the bloody red lipstick!

Bronzing has never looked this natural!

Is she even wearing make-up here?

Oh, she is so gorgeous! And, we all can have what she has HERE!!


{Images courtesy Style}

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