Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I do not believe in sales. There, I said it. They are hokey-pokey in that the store marks up the price of the said sale item and then offers a % discount. And, if I go on a regular non-sale day, I can buy the same item for a lot less.
I do, however, believe in sample sales. And so, I was going crazy when approx. four years ago I found out about all these sample sale websites. I mean no more standing in cold rain in a line that snakes 5 times around a block! Whoopaa!!
Here are my top sites:

If you need invitation, please submit my email address, and you are in!! The email is stargroove_4{at}yahoo.com [I am writing at instead of the sign to avoid email crawls and possible hacking of my account :)]

Now that you know I love sample sales, here are my top picks from each of the sites listed above. Be prepared, this could be a verrry long post. And, if you like something, please act fast as the items get sold out in a flash. Like, literally! GO GO GO...


Hype Silk Dress, original $216, Sale $79 {insannne}

Edun Jersey Dress, Origianl $298, Sale $119 (love the details on the neckline)

Plastic Island Dreamweaver Dress, Original $164, Sale $79

Misela Karla At Gramercy Chain Bag {bang!! Its soo gorgeous}, Original $650, Sale $229

Rebecca Minkoff Crossbody, Original $475, Sale $199 {i neeed}

Charles Jourdan Gia Cris Cross Sandal, Original $225, Sale $99

Boutique9 Karyl High Heel, Original $150, Sale $79

Lenox Salt & Pepper Shakers, Original $45, Sale $27

Illume Sandalwood Hanoki Candle {yumm, as I can smell it already}, Original $53, Sale $26

So much more on their site...go become a member now!!


See By Chloe WTP-LC51500T503-MU-40
See by Chloe print blouse, Original $525, Sale $85 .... c'mon!!

See By Chloe Black Pants
See by Chloe Pants, Original $517, Sale $84

See By Chloe Dark Blue Wide Leg Jeans
See by Chloe Wide Leg Dark Blue Jeans, Original $326, Sale $53

Longines Men's HydroConquest Chronograph Black Dial Stainless Steel
Longines Men Chrono Watch, Original $1500, Sale $802

Longines Women's BelleArti Black Dial Black Alligator
Longines Women BelleArti Alligator, Original $1450, Sale $663

Contrarian Criss Cross Jacket
Contrarian Criss Cross Jacket, Original $440, Sale $156

Jil Sander Absolut Blue A-Line Skirt
Jill Sander Absolu A Skirt, Original $822, Sale $94 {I promise I am not making these sale prices up}


D.&.L Co. Signature DIffuser Set, Original $55, Sale $29.90

D.&.L Co. set of 2 journals, Original $55, Sale $25 {loving the Hermes like orange color here}

Sebago Men's Clovehitch Boat Shoe, Original $95, Sale $56

Hickey Freeman Pink Stripe Classic Fit, Original $195, Sale $70 {I always wanted to get this color for my husband}

SFERRA Lindsay Border Sheet set, Original $628, Sale $250


Bass Love Rachel Antonoff Navy Alice, Original $129, Sale $69 {how adorable!!}

Bass Love Rachel Antonoff Cream/Pink Lady, Original $109, Sale $65 {I am getting these...for sure}

Line&Dot 2fer dress, Original $88, Sale $29

Line&Dot Black Sequin Dress, Original $81, Sale $29

Line&Dot Two Tone blouse, Original $92, Sale $29 {The backside of this blouse is all grey...super cute!}

SEIKO Watch Bracelet Set, Original $270, Sale $115

D&G Silver/Tan Cannes, Original $175, Sale $95 {loving the silver/tan combo here}

Big Buddha Grey Dock Bag, Original $90, Sale $39  {how nautical}

BINDYA Mauve Sequin Feather Scarf, Original $165, Sale $53

Lydell Green Stone Necklace, Original $56, Sale $26

Well, that wraps it up from me. I hope you like what you see, and the sample sale prices make you eyes swell in uber joy!!
I know I know you are thanking me already, and to that I say, Welcome to shopping's new wonderland! Until next time..


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