Tuesday, July 19, 2011

SAMPLE SALE TUESDAY...the heat is hot!

Holy Moly - Tuesday is here again!! What?? I have so much to share with you.
But, before I share with you my stash of sample sale favs, I have to say this. I love you guys. Thank you for reading this blog and supporting me on my journey. I appreciate the time you take out to come to this page (from 10000000000 million pages on the web) and giving it your warm cozy embrace. Thank you Thank you.

And, because I love you so much, I want to share the best that's out there in sales (and because I love you so much, its 3 am, and I am still hunting the deals). Let's admit for a second, that shopping the sample sales can be overwhelming, because the process involves a lot of self doubt (did I get the right price), remorse (oh-no, I missed out on those Guiseppe Zanotti shoes) and cross-eye (ok, so the skirt was on Gilt.com and the bag was on RueLaLa.com and Editorscloset.com was selling the sunglasses...where am I???). So, why put pressure on your precious heart, when you can put joy in it? Behold, let the Life Stylist do its job (and contribute towards employment numbers... sorry, really bad pj). Here we go lovelies:


If you are one of those who wants to own anything with the words Rag & Bone on it, well, say hello to these:

Rag & Bone Bindery Guest Book, Sale $29

Rag & Bone Bindery Small Album, Sale $55

Stationery, Set of 50,  Sale $52

Now, let's get serious on things we all love, crave, and dream about:

Marni Chain link Shoulder Bag, Sale $599

Marni Medium Pleated Hobo, Sale $699

Marni Ankle Strap Sandal, Sale $379

Stitched Leather Sandal, Sale $419

Kathryn Amberleigh Snakeskin Embossed Pump, Sale $139

Hype Silk Chiffon Dress, Sale $79

M Patmos Silk Hand Beaded Tucked in Blouse, Sale $199

M. Patmose Leather Cardigan Jacket, Sale $499 {why did no one think of this beautiful hybridization before}

Me&Ro 3 Silver Lotus Dish Ring, Sale $149

Sarlo Ballet Russe #2, Sale $729

Tyler Dillon Crocodile Ceramic Vase, Sale $50

Go go go....log on to GILT.COM and get crackin' (not the other one....)


Alberta Ferretti Grey Silk Ruffle Strapless Dress
Alberta Ferretti Grey Silk Ruffle Gown, Sale $1,279

Alberta Ferretti Purple Long Dress
Alberta Ferretti Purple Long Dress, Sale $426

Chloe Grey Linen Wide Leg Pants
Chloe Grey Linen High Waisted Pants, Sale $112

Bottega Veneta Fashion Sunglasses
Bottega Veneta Sunglasses, Sale $119

Bottega Veneta Fashion Sunglasses
Bottega Veneta Sunglasses, Sale $119

Chloe Beige Camel Leopard Print Jumpsuit
Chloe Beige Leopard Print Jumpsuit, Sale $433

Blumarine Red Print Silk Skirt
Blumarine Red Silk Skirt, Sale $90 {run for it...click click}

Calvin Klein Black Python Print Satchel
Calvin Klein Python Satchel, Sale $50 {run run run....clickie clickie on editorscloset.com now!!}

Emilio Pucci Multicolor Button Down Short Sleeve Dress
Emilio Pucci Button Down dress, Sale $450

Tibi Amazon Draped Dress
Tibi Amazon Drape Dress, Sale $106


Gucci Signoria Watch, Sale $799

Gucci Heritage Leather Large Tote, Sale, $1,399

BAGATTO Leather Loafer, Sale $199.90

Guiseppe Zanotti Leather Sandal, Sale $250 {I am dying right now, how perfect is this shoe!!}

Guiseppe Zanotti Leather Sandal, Sale $250 {I am dying right now...again, how perfect is this shoe!!}

Jean Dubost Set of 4 Laguiole Spreaders and case, Sale $36 {just in case you are a cheese lover like me}

Jay Import Beverage Dispenser, Sale $40

Devon Leigh 24K Foil Stalacite Pendant, Sale $150

BCBG MAX AZRIA White Belted Dress, Sale $80


Oscar de la Renta Marbled Purple, Sale $69,

La Bagagerie Beige Madeline, Sale $125

Ralston Sunset Lara Tote, Sale $299

Meghan Fabulous Turquoise Hamsa Pendant, Sale $25

Hype Multi Poly Cutout, Sale $69

Glam Blue Green Plaid Ruffle, Sale $49

NYLL Italia Gray Kangaroo Sweater Dress, Sale $39 {perfect for the impending Fall Season}

So...how it goes darlings? Go on, and shop, and you can thank me later!!

Love ya!

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