Tuesday, July 26, 2011


No...not the ones below your eyes..read on.

Sienna Miller, who reads my blog told me, to make a minor change in Tuesday's edition....got you excited? Well, actually, it was my sister, who told me. I was just playin' people! :)
Ok , so my sister told me that my sample sales Tuesdays can be a bit overwhelming because there are just too many things to put our eyes around. So, she suggested I focus on one type of item per sample sale post. And, I heard. But, not before I argued with her the pros and cons of doing this. She stood her ground and persisted, while I danced around trying to be animated about the whole thing...you know I am a blogger, I have to dance around and be animated. Just kidding...
This post will focus on bags...sorry darlings, not eye bags, but, Holy Lord - I-Can't-Live-Without-Them-Bags-Bags. As in handbags. Let the fun begin:


Katherine Fleming Python Jane Elongated Clutch, Sale $499

Katherine Fleming Mink Jane Clutch, Sale $499 {its mink!!}

Katherine Fleming Knapp Python Shoulder Bag, Sale $699 {sorry, the dead animal is not included in the price-that's extra!}


**sorry, no bags today **

So, I share these with you (me being me)

Yves Saint Laurent Titanium Long Silk Dress
YSL Titanium Silk Long Dress, Sale $1,262 {innerwear optional!!}

Yves Saint Laurent Black Lace Strapless Silk Dress
YSL Black Lace Strapless Dress, Sale $1,474 {yowza...I can't breathe...I can't breaaa...I caaaan'....I don't need oxygen, I need this dress}


Devi Kroell Purple Python Hobo, Sale $899

Lana Marks Alligator Clutch, Sale $1,399

Marc Jacobs Limited Edition Leather and Python Bag, Sale $1,299

Salvatore Ferragamo  Marissa Limited Edition Puzzle Bag, Sale $1,499

*** Will you just hurry over there and get your claws hands on these ****
****Do you spot the trend I was talking about here --> bold colors and gold accents?? ****


Meray Arnett Convertible Tote, Sale $39

Meray Arnett Beige Audrey Hobo, Sale $55

Meray Arnett Pink Bow Tie Tote, $45

Ollin Arm Candy B/W Weekender Tote, Sale $99


Ollin Arm Candy Archie Travel Set, Sale $29 {how whimsical...made from recycled Archie comics!! Note to self: must have!!}

That's aaalllll you folks!! Be gentle to your fellow human species, especially when shopping a sample sale!!


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