Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Not your typical Fashion post

This is not your typical fashion post, but the content here does affect the fashion/lifestyle world. A Lot. I felt the need to share this discussion here because, well, it does affect all of us. You know, something to think about :) So, here goes..

Last week, my husband and I were watching The Wipeout show and laughing like asses, while our son slept peacefully in his crib in the room. Seriously. I mean how silly is the show,  when the contestants fall crazily on the big giant red balls, get whacked out of their minds by the sucker punch, are thrown in a tizzy on a giant merry-go-round and have to dunk the spinning hot dog!! Oh, such a mess, but oh, so much fun to watch.
And then, as soon as the show was over, the news hour took over. While watching the news, a random conversation started between him and I. We spoke at length about our dreams, what we would like to do in the future, and so on, and finally one of the topics we pretty much argued over was the future of America.

My love for this country is not hidden from my friends and family. I just love it here. But, there are things that can affect the prosperity of this amazing country, and it irks me no end. While I still love to think that its not possible, my husband has a different view and he made the following points, which made me wonder and question my belief:

  • The US national debt is a whopping $14.6 trillion. That number has a lot of zeroes after it and its not funny that a country with such abundance is carrying this heavy weight on its shoulders
  • The economy is too focused on consumption --- CONSUME CONSUME CONSUME. If you look at the current plans the government is promoting, they all talk about giving the "middle class" the ability to consume more products. The real mantra of a (smart strategic) government should be to save and invest. Create and promote policies that advocate this behavior and discourage spending of hard earned dollar on the next new model of a TV or another car or 100th Coach bag.
  • Middle Class does not need another tax break. No. Why? Because all this does is add additional dollars in their pocket which is then wasted on consuming another product made in China. Again, curtail the Consumption mentality. Note: Did you know China does not consume majority of its goods? And there is a tax for citizens if they decide to use their own goods? In 2009, China's tax revenue came to 6.3 trillion yuan. Hmm....
  • Give tax breaks to the real makers of the market and real drivers of the economy - the upper to upper middle class. They invest and that's what this economy needs right now.
  • This generation of Americans are not "creators" if you will. Its the Baby Boomers who created a world class economy. Why? Because they had to make sacrifices, specifically during World War II. This generation has had no sacrifice to make and thus there is no real value add to the great American country because again, its all about consumption
  • US needs to stop being frivolous with its WIC, Unemployment Welfare allocations because this causes nothing but more debt. Can you believe there are millionaires who receive Food Stamps? C'mon...
After all this discussion, I forgot that my husband and I had laughed like asses just moments ago. I agree that there is a huge recovery road in front of US, but I also believe that it still has an uncanny ability to sustain its charm. No wonder, people from all over the world would love to immigrate to US in a blink of an eye because it still promises to be a land of opportunity. No wonder, the world continues to copy the style, lingo and way of living of America. 

Even as fashionistas, we all can make a positive difference on the economy. We just really need to understand the issues at hand in a clear, concise, no-nonsense way. As I said, this is not your typical fashion post, but the content affects the fashion/lifestyle world. A Lot.


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