Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Not a dry eye

I usually don't cry that much, ok, maybe sometimes, like while watching artists perform on America's Got Talent  or contestants swaying beautifully on So You Think You Can Dance.What brings me to tears is not so much the the act, the props, the dance routine, it is the people and the naked display of their intense passion. It is their courage to pursue what they love that drives me insane with emotions. Very few people have the guts to do it, and so its truly magical (and emotional) when I see such a theatrical display.

And then, there are these five things that leaves no scope of dry eyes for me. They drench the pupils in happiness, gratitude, and "oh, I can't take it anymore, someone pass me the tissue box" feeling. Here we go:

Pure, uncensored, unadulteratred love: Love that comes with nothing attached. There is absolutely no expectation to get anything back...just give give give. The love of a mother and child (one look at my son in the morning, and I am reminded how lucky I am...sooo grateful to God for him), of a pet and its owner, and of an individual and his passion/work.

Photos/photography: There's something about the concept of capturing/freezing a moment in one's life with a click of a button. And, nothing in the world can replace that.

see what I mean?
{photos: Morgan Norman}

Acts of Kindness: When I was growing up, I never understood my dad. He would give money away just like that. Yes, even when there were times we did not have enough at home. If he saw a begger on street, he would give him a USD equivalent of $10 without blinking an eye. And, I did not like that he was being frivolous with hard earned money. Years later, he continues to do this, but this time around, I have a verrry different view of things. So, I asked him. how his heart allows him to help someone without thinking or over analyzing the situation. And he replied in few simple words, "For that one look of happiness on the person's face." And these few words are safely hidden in my heart, because when I emulate his habit and see that look on the other person's face, my eyes just can't hold back.

Unabashed creativity: When Alexander McQueen lifted his pen to craft a silhouette, he practiced creativity in its purest form. There was nothing that came between the tip of that pen and the paper. There was nothing that he was ashamed of. So, when I see products that have been crafted with love and intense passion, it just makes me realize how beautiful the process of creation can be, and I can't help but feel utter joy, and um..cry!

Alexander McQueen Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear

Alexander McQueen Fall 2010 Ready-to-Wear
Alexander McQueen Fall 2010 RTW 

Mother Nature: I love being in the mountains and being surrounded by waterfalls. Its just breathtaking, and looking at all the perfection that exists around me, makes me teary eyed because it makes me realize that we humans are nothing compared to the vastness and greatness that exists beyond our control. I mean, how can everything come together so beautifully, and to top it all -- no one had to sit there and make sure everything was working just works on its own. And perfectly at that. Magical...amazing...pure wonder! Pure eye drencher!

{images courtesy Google}

What makes you choke with tears?

Love!...and a box of tissue for you as well :)

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