Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Personals: The Big Bang Theory and The Hair

So, just like that I decided to make Monday personal. Why? Well, because, umm, I can, and I have yet another big bang simple theory behind it (remember my previous theory?). When I was working as a corporate horse in the corporate stable, I usually brought lunch from home and did not go out for lunch. Instead I enjoyed the food at my desk, in front of my computer. I sat there, with the whiff of homemade curry filling my office, chewing roti in silence and eyes glued to the computer. As I crunched and hemmed each bite, I swallowed the personal stories, fashion bytes and photographic expressions of the bloggers I followed. Yes, that lunch time was a favorite time for I got an opportunity to get lost in the flamboyant, crazy and passionate life of those who dared to dream and follow it through. Now, this ritual made more impact on a Monday than any other day because it help me beat the blues. I felt so alive after the 2pm lunch and I thanked blog goddesses/god in silent whispers...almost murmuring to myself.
Ok, so you get the theory point. Isn't it genius, simple? And, now that I am a blogger myself (although I have some time to reach followers other than my husband, sister and mom, and that one reader in Germany who visited my site few days ago). If you are reading this, fellow reader, I say Halo, Wie geht es Ihnen? Danke. So, yeah, let's say cheers to Monday personals, and drink up on a little bit about ich/moi/me...shall we?

Here are some facts about me, just so we get to know each other's always fun that way.

  • I am the eldest sibling, so I used to jump with utter joy whenever someone assumed I was the youngest, especially in those teen years
  • I love the color red. It could very well be my favorite color, but it's not officially there yet. I also love navy blue. A lot.
  • I am impatient, which comes from being born an Aries. God help you if you make me wait or tell me you have something to say to me and don't get to the!
  • Barnes & Noble was my place to crash on a Saturday evening. Yes, darlings, I love books to the point I can read for 2 days straight (which, by the way, I did, when I was in college and got my hands on The Complete Agatha Christie Series)
  • I do not have a nickname, and it bothered me growing up because all my friends had names other than what they were called in school. But, because I was super scared of my mom (strictest mother ever), I did not have the courage to ask her why she did not give me a nickname. It always was and is - Shivika
  • Tom & Jerry is my favorite cartoon. It can tickle my funny bone(s) even today
  • I love sleeping. There, I said it! Even as a mother to a six month old, I admit I love sleeping...Well, now I can't get to indulge in it, is a whole different story
  • I shamelessly enjoy overhearing a conversation, say on a train or in a line at Starbucks or in a Laundromat. I just want to know what's going on in people's life. Curious George? Well, that could very well be by nickname
  • I love cleanliness to the point of being slightly OCD (did you take note of the word slightly. yes? Because I am not OCD, just slightly).  My drawers have to be arranged and my shoes all lined up. Else, it makes me antsy. {inside note: as a new mother, its such a challenge to be up there with my baby's clothes all stacked nicely in the drawer, but hey, I'd rather do that than be itching for clean up all day long in addition to handling a baby}
  • I believe in God. I do with all my heart and soul and thank him every day for all the things in my life. This feeling of gratitude is so powerful that it makes me cry every single day when I made me cry just as I am typing this. Thank you for your blessing God! {inside note: I am a practicing Hindu, but I appreciate and respect most religions}
  • I am funny....can be funny
  • I love love lorve fashion and photography. I was born to do this, and I am so thankful for this opportunity {Thank you God}
Ok, so did I reveal enough about me? Would love to hear about you as well, so feel free to share a quirky thing or two about you. Remember,  ME=CURIOUS GEORGE??? hehhehehe

Oh, one last thing before I end this post...not that I am tooting my horn (already??), but I get huge complements on my hair as well (remember my skin??). So., I will share with you pics and tips.

PICS first:

(as you can see I am using my phone for the pics, so apologies for the bad resolution)

That's my naturally curly/wavy hair. And yes, its black (with few strands of gray, if you please). All I did was tie my hair in a bun after I washed it. This made my curls even curlier and then when my hair dried up, I combed it through with a wide tooth comb! Voila! Instant waves.
Now, for TIPS:
- Oil massage your hair/head atleast once a month. Best oil is coconut oil. You can get one at Indian grocery store and the brand I like is Parachute. After oiling your hair, take a towel, wet it completely, squeeze out extra water, fold it and put it in microwave for a minute. Then, just take the hot towel and wrap it around your head for 5-10 minutes
- Wash your hair every other day (if it tends to get oily) or better after 3 days. The hair strength is retained
- Make sure to drink 8-10 glasses of water every day
- Before going for a swim in the pool or at the beach, oil your hair. The protective layer of oil will save your hair from all the chlorine and salt/sand mess, respectively
- Please include Fish-Oil or Omega 3 vitamin pill in your life. Have one daily - good for your skin, hair and heart!! Awesomeness!!

That's it folks! See you sure to catch the sample sale Tuesday!


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