Thursday, July 21, 2011

Make that Black Please

ewww, Black! Are you serious? I squealed in disgust as my friend, Rits, told me that she was painting her bedroom accent wall black. BLACK! Can you believe it people? I can already imagine the dungeon feeling coming on. Plus, she is going to have a baby soon, so imagine a dungeon with a baby in no, not happening! Over mint ice tea and mini cucumber sandwiches, she calmly explained to me that a dark color for a room, such as Black, wasn't all that bad. As I sipped the tea and allowed the mint flavor to burst in my mouth, my perception started to shift. Hmm, maybe the room will not look like a dungeon, maybe it will look like a prison, so it definitely is an upgrade, I thought to myself. Not bad, hmm, maybe I should act normal now and embrace her crazy choices, hmm, maybe I should grab another one of those sandwiches. And, so my thought process went people.
After coming back from her apartment, I played with my son a bit, fed, gave him a bath and then put him to sleep. All this while, I could not stop thinking about Rits and her prison bedroom accent wall. So, I did what any sane person would do. While my son slept, I snuck in few minutes and googled "black accent wall" and came back with quite a stash of uber chic concepts. The rooms looked so elegant, and black wasn't just used in a bedroom, but other areas of the house as well.
I hate to admit, but I guess I was wayyyy wrong and presumptuous in my thinking.
And, I found a feature on that was pretty much nailing my search to the 'T' and putting an end to my disgust with a "D". (Bad pj, Shivika, bad bad! )
Anyways, so here's the stuff, darlings, that may or may not change your perception...

How scrumptious and elegant does the dining/library corner look, and yes its black - a very nice shade of black?

Another formal area done impeccably --- see, not bad, eh?

Hmm, black kitchen cabinets with crimson walls - gohrgehous!

Ahh, the bedroom! I finally get to see the glamour being added by the wall....oooh!

Heck, even the design studio/office of famous shoe designer Brian Atwood has a black wall! ok, people, I am making a Home Depot trip tomorrow...enough said!

Here are some beautiful shades of black (yes, I said shades...go figure :))

 Crevecoeur by Martha Stewart

8 oz. Black Swan Interior/Exterior Paint Tester # 710F-7 Black Swan by BEHR

8 oz. Night Shade Interior/Exterior Paint Tester # 740F-7 Night Shade by BEHR: Has a beautiful blue undertone

8 oz. Mouse Ears Interior/Exterior Paint Tester # DC4B-10-5 Mouse Ears by Disney:  a very soft black

Other ideas for using the black color in/around your home:
 - paint that old table lying in the corner stacked with bounty and toilet paper into a gorgeous console table, voila!
- a brass lamp can get a facelift with a spray on to go beautifully with your coffee colored walls
- accent wall in the bathroom anyone?
- paint the garage door a deep shade of shiny black and watch your garage come to life
- how about just the window trims, huh huh?

Do you have any suggestion on how we can use black paint to glamorize? Please share..


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