Monday, July 4, 2011

Kicking up a Storm

I love shoes (no surprises there). And, I really love nicely handcrafted leather shoes. Rarely do I come across a company that makes such kind of shoes. And so I was in for a pure delight when I found this company that not only uses genuine leather to make timeless elegant styles, but also makes them by hand! Yes, hand, aaaand,  each style is limited edition, so you would hardly see the whole world rocking the same shoes and then trying to look different! :)
With this company, its all about simplicity yet gorgeous designs. The shoes are reasonably priced considering they are handmade - they are like investment really. The company in question is Liebling and is based in Tel Aviv. You can most definitely buy's a sneak peek my lovelies!




Uma T

Awesome or what?? Now now, don't be fooled by the whole Winter 2010/11 stamped on the pics. These pieces are classic and evergreen. They hold their own charm, which can very well carry you (no pun intended) through multiple years. These shoes are just so delicious that I have decided I cannot live without ordering at least a pair! I mean c'mon....

Go check out their website for more, and am sure you will find something that really kicks butt....err umm literally !! :D

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