Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How to make your man listen, and multitask

Men cannot multi-task, so they say. I refused to believe that before I met my husband. I mean how hard can it be to open a can of tomato puree and talk on the phone at the same time?Well, it is, for my husband. You see, he is a very focused person (yup, that's what he says) and so it is not his style to do multiple things simultaneously.
The other day, as I was stirring a pot of curry chicken, I asked him how his day was at work. He was busy tightening the bolt of our son's highchair, and no reply came from his side. After like five minutes, I asked the same question. This time around I was standing right next to him, and still no answer. Am I invisible or have I lost my voice and only I can hear myself speaking, I thought to myself. Then I inched closer, pulled his shirt sleeve and asked if he had heard me talking to him all this while. He inched closer to the highchair instead, frowned and squinted to get the bolt right, then looked up at me with a blank look on his face. And blurted, "What were you saying?"  Oye vey, this is my life!
And, then later that night, as I was retiring to bed, I was thinking (and rubbing lotion on my hands and feet at the same time...see, multitasking is sooo simple). I was thinking, what if next time I want to have a conversation with my husband I should do it wearing some nice lingere or nightwear. This way, not only will I have his attention, but his ears too. What say? I mean I am not looking for trashy, in your face, kind of look, but more fun and elegant and sensuous. Something that gets my husband to finally multitask!!

So using this as my motivation, I set about creating three different looks. Here we go darlings:

Cute Lingere

Elegant nightwear set

Sensuous lingere pieces
Which might do the trick? What do you reckon? Lemme know...


ps. more info on these pieces can be found at my profile here.

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