Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Every once in a while, I will be putting together a highlight of my favorite designer's looks/designs. And, I start with Reem Acra.

How can one mind's create such a perfect thing, I wonder sometimes. And, Reem Acra is no stranger to perfection. Her clothes tell a story, in my opinion, a perfect story that is - of falling in love, of living in castles, of bathing in luxury and of just existing in glamour!
These Reem Acra pieces are very inspiring...the cut, the silhouette, the fabric...perfect, no? And, I took the liberty of actually creating a story around each outfit...

Story: Meet Lola, daughter of a barrister from London, who recently moved to New York. She has a very busy social life, yet she does not have any close friends. As she prepares to attend her friend Serena's birthday, she opens her closet and is instantly drawn to this silk embroidered jacket because it makes her feel not alone. With patterns inspired from various cultures, Lola knows she is carrying the world on her -- and fashionably at that

Story: Lola's brother had moved to South Africa when she was little. They were born fifteen years apart, and even though they have little in common, he still takes care of her. When he found out that she was living in New York, he couriered her this embellished gown so that she could feel like a princess. After all, she was his little sister, indeed a little princess

Story: For her wedding day, Lola broke all rituals and customs, and wore this magnificent vintage gown handed down by her grandmother. She wanted to look just as stylish as her.

Hope you enjoyed em'!

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