Sunday, July 31, 2011


Sorry darlings, am bit late on this post. But, my son kept me pretty prettttyy busy, so there. Moving on...

I am amazed how rhythmically the fashion houses belt out their collections. It keeps coming season after season after year after year, and it just doesn't stop. Thank God for that! {Please never-evah stop!}
Now, there are moments of "gasp!" "ooooh" and "swoon" when a mere mortal (aka me), who does not have access to front row at Fashion Weeks, feasts on these fashion collection for the very first time {shout out to here for being so prompt with uploading the insannne pictures}.
And, then there are moments of "WTF", "Are you serious", "Thaaattt garbage bag- in the name of couture", "My eyes, My eyes - oh no fashion has been killed by this monster dress". Ok, so you get where I am headed.
And, last week I shared with you these same exact sentiments. Wasn't it brutal?? Oh my! But remember, it was all done in good, fun spirit!
But, that was easy work. I took certain looks that jolted our my fashion sense and then I commented on them. Easy Peasy!! So, I decided I needed to make this process a bit more productive and value add. Instead of crying tears of horror, I could actually take the liberty of converting the creative garbage garb into gold. Yeah, you know take creative liberties, and just build on the concept that's already been conceived...Fashion houses, no hard feelings!
And, now we roll....

Aquilano.Rimondi Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear
Those feathers are doing little to accentuate her legs or for that matter her style or for that matter her single life
Aquilano. Rimondi Fall 2011
Here are my interpretations/alternativesAlternatives to runway

Zero + Maria Cornejo Fall 2011 Ready-to-Wear

Ok, so its hot, no wait its cold no wait its hot.....polar human leopard!
Zero + Maria Cornejo Fall 2011
And, I present to you these instead:
Alternative to Runway clothes..part 2
So you with me so far? Ok, one more

Helmut Lang Pre-Fall 2011
Is that yin or yang? Is that couture or rag?
Helmut Lang Pre-Fall 2011
Here's how I envision this outfit could rock real hard...Alternative to Fashion runway...part 3

Hope you darlings have a wonderful week ahead! Let it be all about fashion, fun and feathers!!!


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