Friday, July 15, 2011

Falling for Fall

Today was a bit chilly. Nippy is actually the right word. Yes, today was a bit nippy. The scorching 3pm Sun was such a relief, while only yesterday I was snaking my way around the trees just to avoid its burning rays. And as I was walking my son in the sun (sorry, bad rhyming but was tempted to use it), I couldn't help but think about the Fall season. Yes, darlings the season of colorful leaves, crispy air, jackets, wool pants, boots, and layers - of clothing and accessories!
So in this spirit, after putting my son to sleep, I scoured the internet like a mad(wo)man to create my wardrobe of Fall/Winter essentials. Before I share with you my findings, here's my genius simple theory. Fall is fashionable while Winter is washout. Now, what I mean by that is that you can be a bit experimental with the colors, cuts and lengths of the dress during the time the leaves are still hanging on to the branches of the trees and hey, you can even color coordinate with the leaves. Ha! But, during the season of leafless trees aka Winter, you are on your own sistah. You need to be have to be covered like a moss wall (err sweaters and jackets anyone?) or better, fur ball if you want to survive the cold wind chilling your bones or the snow happily pouring over your body. So, as I said, Winter is a pure washout.
Ahem, wasn't my theory pure genius simple. Moving on darlings, in search of my future wardrobe, my watered eyes glued to the endless waves of crashing style pages on the web finally shone when it all came together in three different installments (as you can see from here, I like to do things in three's). Here here now...hope your eyes water with joy just by looking at em' sweet!

Fall Items

I call this Walking down 5th Avenue, well, because of its preppy and fitted silhouette, and because of its sorta' tamed accessories. How yummy is that purple Mulberry oversize clutch? And how lusty is the Michael Kors gold watch. And yes, you can pair emerald green earrings with and orange/yellow outfit. Trust me, it will make you look like a million bucks or better, someone who has a million bucks!!

OUTFIT 1:  The chill in the air is growing, you are holding a cup of Starbucks in one hand, and removing a stray strand of hair on your face from another, as you stand in front of Bergdorf, waiting for your best friend, you wear this:
  • Emerald Earrings, $16,
  • Michael Kors Watch, $385,
  • Faithful De Manta Large Tote, $1,495, (ok, this will pinch your pockets quite a bit)
  • Tippy Bow Blouse, $460, Mulberry
  • Pleated wool skirt, $375, 3.1 Phillip Lim
  • Bucket Knee Booths, $795, Burberry

OUTFIT 2: Your appointment with Tracie Martyn got over, you feel rejuvenated and are ready for some nice food &drinks with your man at David Burke's townhouse, you wear this:
  • Blazer, $988, The Row
  • Leather leggings, $1,180, The Row
  • Platform Shoe Boot, $81, Bradley
  • Mini Stud Leather Wrap Bracelet, $31, Nordstrom
  • Oversize Resin Cuff, $460,
  • Purple Mutlirow necklace, $4.84, (yes, yes, yes, get it, like, now and you won't be sorry because if you don't you will be)
  • Grape Margaret Oversize Clutch, $365, Mulberry
Feeling good already? Well, got more goods for you. The second installment goes something like this....

Its a Saturday, and you had a pretty busy workweek, so you head out to Eataly on 23rd and Fifth to grab some yummy tiramisu and authentic espresso and relax up your tensed up body from all the work. And, while you are there you try out the pork braciole, because you just had to. You call up your mom and tell her about this fabulous place for gastrofication (totally made up  that word). Because its sooo noisy in there your mom yells, "Did you say Flat Iron District?

Fall Fashion Part 2

Cashmere Cape, $1,490, Unger Fashion
Pencil Skirt, $260, Paul Smith
Beige Suede Boots, $655, Moschino Cheap & Chic

Boucle Jacket with Chain, $1,490,  Moschino Cheap & Chic
Skinny Jean in Albany Painted, $89, Tommy Hilfiger
Lace up Booties, $89, Laura Scott

Natalie Faux Fur Vest, $99, Nordstrom
Skinny Twill Pants, $255, Proenza Schuler
Red Patent Leather Flats, $239, Larin Posh

Becca Bangle Set, $575, Paige Novick
Wooden Elephant Bracelet, $5, Forever 21 (love this store...forever)
Turquoise Ring, $105, Double Happiness
Pictured in Paris Ring, $18, (coolest ring eva')
Rose quart pear drop. $290, Aamaya by Priyanka
Cream deco lady studs, $14,
Vintage Movado, $660, American Apparel
Cross Body Bag, $26,
Color Block Satchel, $129,
Insect Brooch, $895, Lanvin
Crystal Cameo Brooch, $15,

Ooh boy, you could spend some serious cash on these lovelies, but hey, if you spend wisely, these are truly stand out pieces and will last you for multiple seasons.

Then there are these. Smart people, you get the point, don't you. It's the third installment.

Fall Fashion Part 3

You grab your guitar and head out the door. And as soon as you lock the last bolt, you realize you have forgotten your lucky charm. You never leave without your lucky charm. So, in a hurry, you twist the keys back and forth trying to open the door, which seems to have been stuck. I just locked it, so why is this damn thing jammed, you talk to yourself and give a nice hard push to the door. In a snap, the door opens up and you run to the console table. Lying next to the matchbox from Ruby Foos is your lucky charm. You pick up the Buddha, kiss it and place it safely in your inside pocket. And, you run out, lock the door once more and jump the stairs to head out. As you are walking down the third avenue towards fourth street, you whisper to yourself, There's something about the East Village, and I cannot put my hand on it. But I just love it here.

Ivory Sweater, $325, Rag &Bone
Harem Pants, $125, French Connection

Vintage Leather Jacket, $500,
Green Floral Skirt, $300, D&G

Trampe L'Oeil Sweater, $295, Sonia Rykiel
Jeans, $32,

ACCESSORIES: These are such that they can be matched with pretty much all the outfits - super good!
Wooden Bracelet, $21,
Black Scarf, $15,
Teardrop earrings, $48,
Raffia Clutch Bag, $97, Mar Y Sol
Kosy Mustard Suede Loafers, $100, TopShop

How do you feel? Good? Can't wait for Fall? Can't wait to go shopping----again?
Well, the above installments should give you plenty to play with. And, hey, if it gets super cold, then I am sure you have jacket lying around to layer on. You don't want to be fashion forward and catching cold at the same time. Runny nose is a big no no!
Sniffty sniff...bye!


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