Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Personals: The F Word!

Monday is personal again.

I woke up groggy eyed, because I did not have a good sleep last night. My son woke up every 3-4 hours in pain from teething, and I had to wake up with him, soothe him and then put him back to sleep. Trust me, when I say I am groggy eyed. Bags are just bulging from underneath these vision beauties, and I look anything but "fresh."
When I walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth, I could not help but notice myself....for the umpteenth time. As I picked up the brush, put the paste on it, and started the whole oral process, my eyes were fixated on my body and my mind was running/processing some thoughts.
Thought # 1: How could you be so fat?
Thought # 2: No seriously, how could you? Where did that bulge come from?
Thought # 3: Those bags under the eyes are not helping, you see
Thought # 4: Will you ever fit in your pre-pregnancy clothes. Ever?
Thought # 5: Oh my, what will you do with all those trendy pants and skirts then?
Thought # 6: How could you be so fat?
Thought # 7: Start exercising and controlling your diet. Just because you are still nursing, no stupid excuses
Thought # 8: You forgot to clean the tongue, brush again!

Blah Blah Blappity mind went!

Yeah, ever since delivering my babyroo, I have not gone back to my lighter self.I am still 20 lb. heavier, and it bothers me no end. Just yesterday, as my husband and I were sitting in the park with our son, enjoying the late afternoon wind and a little bit of sun peeking from the full foliage of tree above us, I could not help but blurt out , "I don't feel sexy anymore. I look like a bag of super size donuts and its really starting to get to me now. I know it all has to start from me, but how did I end up in this size?" He gently put his hand on my arm, stroked it up and down and said, "Shivi, you just delivered a baby. You carried him for nine months, and he was a big baby, to top it all. So, give yourself time and you should be back to normal." At which point, I almost wanted to scream "Do you mean I don't look normal now? You don't find me attractive now??" But I stopped myself and tried to understand his point.

Ok, people, here's the deal. Why am I cribbing about it so much, you must be wondering. You see, I was always a size 4. And I loved how I could rock any pants, skirt, short or jeans. So, now that I am still wearing maternity clothes (and not working),  and living in pajamas pretty much all day, it's been bothering me. What do I do? After I pump (breastmilk), I become enormously hungry and end up eating a combination of bagel+waffle+biscuits+sausages. Yikes!!! I have made plans to exercise, but with my son, its super duper hard. I know you must be rolling your eyes and thinking, what a whiner. Well, yes, I am and I recognize that.  And, trust me, I am trying to find a program that would work for me. Its sooo hard to pull it through. Oh! Lordy
Until then, I will look at the fancy MK skirt hanging in my closet and find some motivation to get those walking shoes out, and get my butt on the exercise ball.

Enough about me. How are you lovelies doing? Do you find anything that you are aware of but still cannot come around to executing it? Please share..

Before you walk away all serious, trying to figure things out, I would like to make me you very happy and cheery (just as I became after looking at them). Three things that melt my heart with joy and fills it with fuzzy feelings...hope they have the same effect on you... eh eh??


Kiss Me Frog Bodysuit Shark Pintucked Oxford One-Piece

2. COZY WARM SPACES AT HOME: some inspirations below

{via SarahKaye}
3. BAGS IN BOLD COLORS WITH GOLD DETAILS - I see this as a trend for Fall. They are just perfect for fall!


Marc by March Jacobs Totally Turnlock Bell Crossbody

Melie Banco Angela Tote

Halston Heritage Carla Convertible Bag

    Big Buddha Carter Satchel

    Zara Terez Tudor Clutch

    {all bags via}

    Coach Kristin Elevated Leather Sage Round Satchel

    Yummy, aren't they? 


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