Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What's the Emi.lio?

After talking about Jill Sander, I just have to mention Emilio Pucci. Simply stated, Peter Dundas, the design/creative director behind the brand has done full justice to the image of Pucci. His flowy chiffon dresses, sensuous pant suits (in white, fringe and lace tie-ups), see-through crochet cover-ups, fiesty prints, dangerous cuts and vav-voom swimsuits scream I am a prima donna who gets what I want, and I am ready to fly my private jet for vacation in St Tropez. Gas prices can kiss my thigh high leather boots. Ah, isn't it fun to be living in the lap of luxury!
Well, I say, why feel bad about not having a private jet of your own, instead dress the part, and your mind will automatically make you feel like a princess. It will give you the confidence to get whatever you want, because lets admit it, at the end of the day, there's nothing a pair of good pants, good shoes and a happy attitude cannot snag! There....Emilio Pucci is the new self improvement guru...sorta!


{All Images courtesy Vogue}

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