Friday, June 24, 2011

Hello, My Name is...

Its almost 2 in the morning, and my mind has decided not to let me sleep. On the desk lies my husband's office keys, a used camera bag, pens in a cup, a folder with documents that I have need to scan, and a box of nails. Box of nails? What's that doing here? Hmm, maybe husband dear forgot to put it back. Oh, another addition to my daily chores.
So, now that we both are here, accept my hello and welcome. Talking about chores is probably not the best way to get introduced, but what can you do when you are a housewife with a cute little cuddle-pooh son who keeps you on your toes all day! Did I mention its 2 am?
I just had to start this blog, to follow my dream of documenting things of beauty, of style, of "taking-your-breath-away" kinds, and ofcourse the musings of my mind! There's a lot going up there, you know. I see this blog as making a positive difference in your life, using fashion and creativity as its base. If anything on this blog makes you feel good, think good, then my work is done!

Ready to roll with me...loving you already for that!
Hey, whats that I hear...oh, my son just woke up, need to stop blabbering, will catch you tomorrow. Wait. I mean today!


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