Friday, July 1, 2011


So I have to tell you this. I wasn't always a housewife or stay at home. I became one last year. Up until then, I was a (young, ahem ahem) ambitious corporate horse. Yup, did my stint there - worked long late hours, tolerated the bs and bureaucracy, but still somehow managed to retain my sanity and sense of self. That's because I had interests outside of my work, which gave me reasons to stay happy and cheery and walk through political playings at work with a huge smile on my face.

Face. Yes, that reminds me that when I was a working women (seems like eons ago), I was very particular about my skin care regimen. I had a morning and a night schedule, and followed it as if I would be court marshaled if I didn't. I had really good skin, so much that I never ever used foundation, and always got complements for my glowing skin. But all that changed when I had my son. It felt as if my need for a good skin just didn't matter exist, and that I had other motherly duties to focus on. Then, recently while getting ready, I happened to be standing very close to the mirror, and noticed my face. My rough, patchy skin glaring back at me in all its whitehead and blackhead glory. Bah! Is that me? What happened to me? I kept staring and thinking, and I guess a good 10 minutes had passed when my husband popped up from behind and scared the living beejeejus out of me! I frowned, and told him not do this in the future...all while still staring at my face.

Face. Yes, and so now I am building a routine again. For now, its only in the morning, but I guess I will get to the night one when my lil' darling gets a routine of his own. And, now here's my routine...its a very simple one but will yield great results. If you can follow the schedule night and day, well lucky good for you. Here goes my all time favorite six easy-peasy products:

Beauty Regimen

1. Start with cleaning out your face with this smooth, creamy and gentle Clinique Cleanser (hey, it even says comforting on the tube!mmmmmm)
2. Then, wash your face with Aveda Tourmaline charged face wash
3. And tone it with Clinique # 2 Toner ....awesome!! you are glowing already :)
4. Then, use Aveda Tourmaline Radiance serum (I used a picture of Aveda Brilliant Hair Shine product, because I could not find the serum one and I needed a filler. You get the point, don't you?)
5. Dabble on the beautiful smelling Clarins Early wrinkle (remember I am still young!!) cream with SPF15...(brownie points for that)
6. And don't forget the eyes, I mean NEVER forget the eyes. This Clarins eye balm is the bomb!

Get your fix of these products, if you like my routine, that is, HERE. And don't forget, that no beauty routine is ever complete without 8-10 glasses of water everyday!!


ps. I am not scared to face off with the mirror anymore :) getting there..

**UPDATED: My glowy face below...that's me at the hospital...super happy because my beautiful niece had just been delivered and all was well with my sister and the lil' cutie...see my glowy skin?? Sorry to be tooting a  giant ass horn, but there..

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