Saturday, June 25, 2011

Cool Baby Clothes, and the Art of Saying Whoopaa!

So when I ran yesterday, sorry, today early early morning, to pick up my whaling son, it turned out to be a long long process of putting him back to sleep. He is 5/12 months old. Now, I  have read at multiple sites and in various books that you should let the baby cry out because you need to let them learn how to fall back to sleep on their own. Ok, I am not sure about you, but I had and continue to have a hard time in following this "cry out" method. Don't get me wrong, as a new mother, I am open to all suggestions, and I did give this method a try. Well, end result: I ended up crying out loud instead. I just couldn't see my baby cry his heart out, while I stood there like a zombie doing nothing. It was so hard. I am the old fashioned kind, and that means you need to soothe the baby, let him know you are there for him, hug him or rock him...whatever works. Just not be cold stone and hear the crying. So, how have I fared in this method. Hmm, it was trying at first, but now my babyroo knocks out in approx 1-2 minutes of rocking. And, since he is on breast milk only, he gets up about twice throughout the 11-12 hour period. Its not that hard.

Well, well, since we are talking about babies, I have to confess, I am in love love love with baby clothes. They are just so know, clothes for tiny people. And these days big brand names have started to invest in this industry. Oh, heart warmer! I would definitely buy a Burberry Trench for my lil' man or a pair of Gucci loafers or I could simply save  all that money to invest in a house instead. Guess which one I'd pick? Yup, the latter ofcourse. I am a smart shopper, and unless I see true value in purchase of a luxury item, I do not buy it. I hold back my heart, whims and fancies so that my credit card bill does not drown them. You can get there darlings, it just takes a bit practice to attain this stage :)

This does not mean I do not scour the internet for the most trendy outfits for babies. It always keeps my mind afresh of ideas when dressing my babyroo. And, I have to confess. Again. I also keep a tab on baby girl clothes too. I have two nieces and I just loooerve shopping for them. Ok, so here goes my pallet for summer.

First up - Baby Girl

Baby Fashion_Girl

 How insanely cute are those harem pants for lil' girls?? Clothes like these make me wanna' have a girl. Here are the details (from left to right)

7. Juicy Couture Lemon Bikini, $90 (whooopaa)
9. Baby DIOR Baby Swimwear, $115 (ka-ching whooopaa)

And now, Baby Boy

Baby Boy_Fashion

I thought it would be easy to pick cool pieces for boys, but it wasn't. Nonetheless, I have to say, girl's clothes rock big time! But, then how crisp and smart is that peachy cuff shirt...adorable! Here are the details (from left to right)

1. Googly eyed lizard hoodie by Crazy8, $6.99 (hello, savings!)
3. Three Eyed Monster Tank, Gymboree, $3.99 (hello again - and why do boys clothing cost so less?, why am I complaining anyways? :P)
4. Linen Roll Cuff Shirt, JanieandJack, $36 (spoke too soon)
5. Anglerfish Baseball Hat, Gymboree, $7.49
7. Plaid Sneaker, $19.95
9. Plaid Cargo Short, Crazy8. $6.99
10. Frayed Denim Short, $6.99 (originally for $15...pssst, Crazy8 is becoming my go-to site for my kiddo's clothes)

I cannot leave without telling you this. A few days ago, there was an article in Wall Street Journal about  Baby Branding. Obviously, the article caught my fancy (so did the picture of a lil' boy in Burberry Trench), and I had to see what they were talking about. Through this article, I found out about Gucci's new line for babies...yumm! Now Now, I am not saying I am going to buy them (ahem, not yet) but its's always good to peruse the look book - no harm there, right? The ka-ching stays in the purse, right?

Here's a preview of some of my fav: 

{All Images Courtesy:}

You can check out more here.

Tis' the start of the weekend, and fine spirits! So, cheers to that!


ps. I am still working on the design of the blog, so please bear with me. Thanks.

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